Day 1: Boarding the yacht in Bodrum, welcome drink and informations about the   yacht and the tour program, overnight stay in Bodrum Harbour.

Day 2: Departure after breakfast. Cruising about 1 hour, first stop at Karaada, the little
Island in front of Bodrum. After lunch cruise of 3-4 hours, arriving to Çatı, a lovely bay surrounded with pine trees on the south coast of the gulf. Dinner and overnight stay.

Day 3: Cruising 1.5 hours after breakfast arriving in the region of Seven Islands. In the Küfre bay, we suggest you to make a short walk through the storax (liquidamber orientalis) forest. Maybe you might have a barbecue dinner tonight.

Day 4: After breakfast, a short cruise of 1.5 hours will bring us to Löngöz Bay. In the
afternoon after another 1.5 hours cruise we arrive at Karacasöğüt. This small village is in only 30 km distance from Marmaris. You may rent a minibus after dinner and visit Marmaris.

Day 5: After breakfast cruising to Cleopatra Island (Cedreae) and to a wonderful little beach on the west of the island. A legend says, Mark Antonio brought the sand for his love Cleopatra from the desert of North Africa. Late in the afternoon leaving the island to anchor in one of the bays in Değirmenbükü. A deeply notched bay on the west side is called İngiliz Limanı (English Harbour). The name is derived from an event in WWII,  when English torpedo boats hid in this cove.

Day 6: Leaving English Harbour, cruise to the northern side of the Gulf to Akbük.    Here you will spend some time with swimming, surfing … unwinding. In the afternoon, you continue your trip to be after 2 hours in Çökertme Bay.

Day 7: Today cruise back to Bodrum. After swimming stops at Oraklar Adası and / or Yalıçiftlik, we will decide to cruise to Tavşan burnu. Last dinner aboard here or in Bodrum harbor.

Day 8: Disembarking in Bodrum after breakfast.

* Depending on weather conditions, the program can be changed by the captain.