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Day 1: BODRUM  Boarding to the yacht in Bodrum, information about the yacht and the tour program, overnight stay in Bodrum Harbour. On the first day after short cruising, the gulet stays in Bodrum for dinner and overnight. Bodrum with its white small cozy houses twined with begonias, a fortress with a stunning panorama, an ancient amphitheater, beautiful Marina with plenty of yachts, night bars, and entertainment-all this attracts tourists from all over the world come to Bodrum. 

Day 2: KARAADA - ÇATI Departure after breakfast. Cruising about 1 hour, first stop at Karaada, the little
Island in front of Bodrum. After lunch cruise of 3-4 hours, arriving in Çatı, a lovely bay surrounded with pine trees on the south coast of the gulf.  Here the cleanest beaches and crystal water - a great place for swimming. And if you would like to take a walk and go up the city - you will see a delightful view of the Gulf of Gekova.

Day 3: SEVEN ISLANDS - KUFRE BAY  After breakfast the gulet arrives at the region of Seven Islands, full of many small islands and coral reefs, this is the perfect spot to dive, swim and rest.  Our first stop in the Seven Islands region will be Kufre Bay where guests may enjoy a walk in the lovely pine forests. The next stop is Uzun Liman (Long Port). Here is a nice place for walking around. Then you will have a delicious dinner on board.

Day 4: LÖNGÖZ -ENGLISH PORT After breakfast, a short cruise of 1.5 hours will bring us to Löngöz Bay where you can enjoy swımmıng in turquoise water.  From there we will cruise to the English Port for dinner and an overnight stay. The name English Port comes from the time of 2nd World War as the ships of British Navy forces used to dock here. There are many small bays here, a nice place to explore and walk around.

Day 5: SEDIR ISLAND - KARACASOGUT After breakfast cruising to Cleopatra Island (Sedir) and to a wonderful little beach on the west of the island. A legend says, Mark Antonio brought the sand for his love Cleopatra from the desert of North Africa. After afternoon the gulet sails to charming town Karacasogut and you can explore the city walls, an antique amphitheater, and other historic buildings.  

Day 6: AKBUK - ÇOKERTME The next great place that awaits you is the Bay of Akbuk. The beautiful town of Akbuk (meaning "white Bay") is located between the Aegean sea and the olive groves. Stunning scenery, breathtaking sunsets and quiet beaches make Akbuk an ideal place to relax. And the air here has a high oxygen content and the lowest humidity that has a beneficial effect on health. After lunch, the boat headed into the Bay Cokertme where You can enjoy swimming in the turquoise water. 

Day 7: YALICIFTLIK  After Breakfast, the Gulet goes to the Bay of Yaliciftlik. Yaliciftlik is surrounded by pine trees. Here grow a particular species of pine. And the locals produce pine honey. The fresh sea air mixed with pine scent makes Yaliciftlik the beautiful Mediterranean resort.  After lunch on board, the Gulet will return to Bodrum, where you will be served dinner.

Day 8: BODRUM Disembarking in Bodrum after breakfast.


* Depending on weather conditions, the program can be changed by the captain.

Ambassador Yachting
Oğuz Özay Tanıtım